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Faye Chandler

Pastor Faye D. Chandler
Joung Sook Pak
Min. Joung Sook Park
Co-Director/Coordinator of Asian Ministries

Christian Rodriguez

Min. Christian Rodriquez
Co-Director/Coordinator of Hispanic Ministries

Freda Briggman

Min. Freda Briggman
Artistic Director
Maxine Washington

Min. Maxine Washington
Director of Administration

Liturgical Dance Company Members

Naomi Bowman
Renee Conquest
Marty Davis
Zelda Folk-Smith
Stephanie Harley

Shawn Johnson
Lisa Kollore
Mavis Morisseau
Vanessa Searles
Felise Walker
Del Woods

Upcoming Events

Black History Month - Freedom's Faith


Freedom's Faith - From Slavery to the White House


Friday, February  12 @ 8:00 PM,

Friday, February  19 @ 8:00 PM,

Friday, February  26 @ 8:00 PM,

Doors open at 7:30PM on Fridays.



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